Open or Closed, what word describes you?

If you had to pick one word with which to describe yourself, which would you pick?

Think a few moments about your choice and your reasoning.

In what ways might you be closed? Are you defensive when receiving feedback? Do you generally not take the time to consider other people’s opinions that differ from yours? Do you tend to judge others quickly?

How might you be open? Are you open to new ideas? To regarding others with honor? To listening to other’s opinions?

We all struggle with our tendency towards one trait or the others. Plus, we behave differently depending upon the situation at hand.

However, it is noteworthy that openness is a quality that lets in the Divine, the part of ourselves that is ‘bigger than ourselves”.

Before we approach God, we say… 

P’tach Libi B’Toratecha……………

Open My Heart to Your Teachings, Your Torah……..

Opening our heart is key to being able to absorb the messages contained in the Torah.

If you are ready to explore the messages that the Torah has for you, with me, then head over to Inner Judaism and drop me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I hope you decide to embark on a journey of connection and spiritual depth. 

I look forward to being with you, exploring the Torah’s messages together and welcoming you as a subscriber. 

About Ruth Schapira

As a Jewish educator, I hope to broaden opportunities for learning and offer new ideas. If my posts inspire you to hold conversations and motivate change within the Jewish community, that would make me very happy. I'm interested in making a difference. View all posts by Ruth Schapira

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