A Mountain of Mitzvot?

Our tradition tells us that the sole purpose of Torah is for us to refine our character, and the way toward that end is through action, namely, by doing mitzvot (commandments). Sounds clear enough, however when you consider that there are 613 commandments, it might seem overwhelming—like dealing with a “mountain of mitzvot”…but let’s delve further.

By exploring the Hebrew origins of the word, we will gain insight into its deeper meaning. The Hebrew, מצוה (mitzvah), is derived from a two- letter root “tzav” – צו which is also the root word for צות which means team or staff.

What are the implications of this, and what can we learn? Read more here….

About Ruth Schapira

As a Jewish educator, I hope to broaden opportunities for learning and offer new ideas. If my posts inspire you to hold conversations and motivate change within the Jewish community, that would make me very happy. I'm interested in making a difference. View all posts by Ruth Schapira

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